Traditional Hindu Wedding in Goa

A Hindu Wedding is considered as a Holy Sacrament and the groom need to get married to enter the vital part of his life : Grihasti (the household). Goa Hindu Weddings are very vibrant. Lot of foreigners love to have their weddings planned in Goa in a traditional Hindu style. The Hindu Traditional Wedding is very famous amongst the short trippers to Goa, who schedule a day exclusively for this big day.

Mehendi / Heena Night

Mehndi is an important custom of a traditional wedding. The evening before the wedding, Mehndi is applied to the palms of the bride. This evening is celebrated with much pomp and show by all the female friends and family members. Traditional songs are sung and dances are performed. It is believed that Mehndi Night brings color to the life of the bride. The bride is showered with blessings by friends and family members. She is wished good luck in her life.

Wedding in Goa can arrange the Mehndi at a venue of your choice. The entire venue is well decorated with fresh flowers. Traditional Rangolis are put and floral entrance is done. We also arrange traditional welcome dance and the mehndi girls start applying henna on the palms of the bride and other ladies in various ethnic styles.

The colour of the mehndi symbolises the intensity of the groom's love towards the bride. It is believed that darker is the color of the mehndi, the deeper is the love of the groom for the bride.

Music is arranged during the night. We can arrange Kawali Shows, Gazhal Nights or your own very traditional folk singers to add spice to the night. Various Fast food stalls are set up on the venue. Our planner always stays on site to ensure smooth proceedings of your Sangeet Night.

Music forms an integral part of a Indian Wedding. Music is the soul of any Indian marriage ceremony. Without music and festivity, a wedding lacks the sparkle and nerve of a celebration. Weddings present an occasion when traditional music is usually played accompanied by various forms of dance whether traditional, folk or modern. The different types of music played before the wedding and during the course of various ceremonies, set the tone, mood and atmosphere for the entire wedding.

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